Highlights From the Town Council Meeting on June 28

The Seabrook Island Town Council Meeting was called to order by Major Ron Ciancio at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

He reported that the Town Revenues for the month of May as well as year to date exceeded expenditures.  This is due to several factors; among them are higher franchise fees from Comcast, lower expenses on road repairs which he indicated was essentially a timing issue and lower than anticipated expenditures on legal fees and salaries.

John Gregg informed all that the Town of Seabrook Island received $79,865 from FEMA for three projects related to Hurricane Matthew,  a portion of which was for hurricane related expenses of the Utility Commission.   He also explained that the spreadsheet describing estimated costs for a debris cleanup, completed several years ago, included anticipated costs other than debris removal costs.  He will be looking into getting a more definitive sense of all of the included costs.

He also reported that the Hazardous Mitigation Plan, prepared by Charleston County Building Services, will be available to the Town Council for update and wrap up by the end of summer.

John Wells informed the Council that Tracey Teo, a freelance travel writer for many publications including The Atlantic Constitution, will be in Seabrook for three days during the end of July or beginning of August.  She will be preparing an article about the Town for several different media outlets.

During the Reports of Town Officers, Mayor Ciancio reminded everyone that the thirtieth anniversary of the incorporation of The Town of Seabrook will be October 8.  In addition, it is also the first anniversary of Hurricane Matthew.  To commemorate those two events, he recommended that we contract with The Charleston Symphony Orchestra to perform at the Lake House on a date to be determined during the month of October.  The cost will be approximately $20,000 and will be covered by several budget items where income has exceeded expenses.

Town Administrator Randy Pierce informed everyone that Charleston County will be ground-spraying for mosquitoes after 11:30 pm tonight.

Utilities Commissioner Jim Bannwart reported that there will be repairs to manhold covers during the next couple weeks.

Mayor Ciancio noted that the Town’s repair and improvement to the drainage system on Seabrook Island Road between the gate and the circle raised the issue of the potential development of the property adjacent to Seabrook Island Road.  He noted that such development could adversely impact the Town’s storm drainage system.

Accordingly he had asked the Planning Commission to recommend an amendment to the Town’s Encroachment Ordinance to provide the Town with tools to protect its interest.  He introduced an amendment to the Town’s Development Standards Ordinance to incorporate the recommendations of the Planning Commission.  Upon motion duly made, seconded and improved, the first reading of the ordinance was unanimously passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:59 pm.

-Tidelines Editors

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One Response to Highlights From the Town Council Meeting on June 28

  1. jane cottingham says:

    Really. I find this 20,000. some ridiculous to use revenue in this fashion, period. There are other projects that will arise and why not keep this in the reserve. I see wasted funds and have not even been a property owner for a year. I celebrate each and every day living on Seabrook Island !
    And I Always prepare for a rainy day!
    And what a beautiful rain we have had on this June 20! Safe jubilant 4th July 2017.

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