Ever wonder?

Have you noticed those blue reflectors in the road scattered around the island? They appear in the center of the roadway. One of our readers asked if Tidelines knew what they were, so we asked Steve Hirsch, PE, PMP, Director of Engineering, Seabrook Island POA, and he said they mark the location of fire hydrants. For a little more information, see this article reprinted from slate.com.

If you have a question that you have wondered about, send it along to seabrookislandblog@gmail.com and you may find your answer here.

(Photo credit: wikimedia.com)

-Tidelines Editor


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One Response to Ever wonder?

  1. Vince S says:

    Thank you Tidelines and Steve Hirsch for this explanation. My wife and I have pondered this each time we drove the road and caught the reflectors in our headlights. This will be forever burned into our memory banks.

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