SIPOA Call for Candidates

[Ed.Note: This article appeared in the August edition of The Seabrooker and is being re-printed to ensure all Seabrook Island property owners are aware of the campaign to recruit candidates for the SIPOA Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.]

In mid-July, the Nominating Committee announced that it is now recruiting candidates for the SIPOA Board and the Nominating Committee. For the 2018 election, four positions need to be filled on the Board, and two positions on the Nominating Committee.

Members of the Nominating Committee are familiar with past suggestions that villa owners are underrepresented on SIPOA committees and on the boards of directors. The topic is important, in that serving on POA committees is an especially effective way for any property owner—including those who are on the Island part-time—to build a base of experience that can lead to candidacy for Board or Nominating Committee positions in the future.

To investigate this, the Nominating Committee completed a review of participation on POA committees and Boards by villa/regime owners. The review looked at Time & Talent volunteer forms submitted by property owners during the past two years. Older forms were unavailable. Composition of POA Boards over the last five years was also examined.

The results showed that, although villa/regime owners may have been under-represented proportional to their share of total properties on the Island, they have been represented on POA standing committees and Boards in numbers equal to or greater than their volunteer rates. There is, however, ample room for improvement.

The Nominating Committee values past and current efforts by the COVAR Board in generating interest and enthusiasm among villa/regime owners for serving on POA committees and the Board. As in the past, this year’s Nominating Committee has solicited COVAR’s help. In June, members met with the COVAR Board to discuss new initiatives intended to increase interest among villa/regime owners in volunteering for POA committees and Board or Nominating Committee positions.

One of these initiatives will be a Labor Day Weekend “recruitment fair”. On Sunday, September 3rd, Nominating Committee members will be available in person from 3:00 to 5:00pm to discuss the nomination process and answer any questions from prospective candidates. The Committee will also appear before the COVAR Board meeting on September 9 to answer any inquiries about the nomination process from villa/regime property owners.

The Nominating Committee also has prepared a comprehensive information package for prospective candidates. The package contains information on expected Board and Nominating Committee time commitments; candidate selection guidelines; a video

interview of two past Board presidents regarding the challenges and rewards of service; and application forms. The packet can be viewed online at

There are some new ways available for part-time residents to participate effectively in meetings of standing committees and the Board when off the Island. These are described in the information package referenced above.

The Committee encourages villa owners and others in regimes—whether full- or part- time residents—to consider becoming a candidate in this year’s election cycle. Working with other highly motivated people to make meaningful contributions to the Seabrook community and maintaining our great quality of life can be a very rewarding experience.

Please direct any questions to the Nominating Committee at

–Dennis Pescitelli, Nominating Committee Chair

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