SINHG Evening Program Volunteer Sign-Up

We need several volunteers to help with the SINHG Evening Programs for this fall. If you can help, please save this attachment to your computer.  Fill in your name and email in the box corresponding to the date and activity you are volunteering for.  Send me, Doris Reinhart, an email with the form attached – or –  just email me with the dates you can help and what you want to do.  Thanks!   Please click here for the sign-up sheet.

Send your email to: Doris Reinhart at

REGISTRATION: 1 – 2 volunteers to register members and guests beginning at 6:45 pm

CHAIR SET-UP: 2 – 3 volunteers to set up chairs and tables at 6:00 pm

REFRESHMENT SET-UP: 1 – 2 volunteers to start coffee, set up refreshment table with cups, water, etc. at 6:00 pm

BAKERS: 3 – 4 volunteers to bake 2 dozen cookies each.  Have them plated and ready to serve by 6:55 pm

REFRESHMENT CLEAN-UP: 2 – 3 volunteers to clean up refreshment tables after the program


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