Returning To Seabrook

Most of Seabrook now has power.  Berkeley Electric will continue to work today to restore electricity to the entire island.

If you are returning to the island, keep an eye on driving apps such as Google Maps and Waze to hear of any accidents and slow downs.   A good website for this is

SCDOT has also installed electronic notice boards along I26 that will help you check for congestions along the highway.

When you return home:

  • Before entering the house, look for branches and trees on the roof,  foundation cracks, and other exterior damage.   It may not be safe to enter your house.  Check for sagging ceilings, as there may be water in the floors above.
  • Smell for gas.  If you smell it or hear a hissing noise, leave right away and call 911.
  • Have a professional turn on the electricity and propane if you had them turned off before you left.
  • If your house or garage was flooded, be aware of rodents, snakes, insects and other animals that may be on your property or inside.
  • If your house or garage was flooded, it may have mold.  Mold is especially dangerous for people with asthma, allergies or other breathing issues.
  • If your air conditioner has been off for awhile, open the windows and let the house air out before staying inside for any length of time.

-Tidelines Editors


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