Hiding Email Addresses on Group Emails

One of the strengths of our community is the proliferation of groups getting together and doing stuff. And to get people together, group emails are a wonderful tool. But a lot of group email authors put every addressee’s email address in the “TO” line of the email. This creates a couple of issues:

1) Some people will automatically do a “reply all” when they respond which adds a lot of unnecessary clutter to email queues.
2) It exposes everyone’s email address to everyone else. While it’s unlikely that anyone on the island is a hacker, a group email can be forwarded and those email addresses can be exposed.

There’s a simple solution, just put all the addressees in the “BCC” line. When you send it, none of the email addresses will be shown.

Keep doing stuff, keep sending group emails, but consider putting the addressees in the “BCC” line instead of the “TO” line.

Have a wonderful Seabrook kind of day.

-Submitted by  Thad Peterson

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