COVAR Corner Oct Newsletter

Under ordinary circumstances, this article would have been the minutes of the September 9, 2017, COVAR Meeting. However, out of an abundance of caution, the COVAR Board decided to cancel the meeting. Although it now appears that it would have been feasible to have held the meeting, so many potential attendees chose to evacuate on the preceding Friday and on the day of the meeting, that attendance would have been minimal, at best. The Board trusts that you understand its decision.


As I am writing this article, Seabrook Island is experiencing high winds, heavy rain and significant tidal events, as well as Tornado Watches, all of which serve as a reminder that while the Island “dodged the bullet,” it did not escape its “side effects.” This should prompt occupants of Seabrook Island to recognize that during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, they must remain ever vigilant and prepared –preferably, to evacuate even when only collateral damage is threatened, due to catastrophic flooding, loss of utilities and absence of first responders. In that vein, I strongly recommend that you review, among others, relevant Town of Seabrook Island and Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) publications, the June 2017 “COVAR Corner” article on Emergency Preparedness and the continuing series of Tidelines posts on Hurricane Preparedness to ensure that you are fully informed and prepared to deal with hurricanes, in particular.

The September 9 meeting was to have consisted of two parts:  1) A presentation by the SIPOA Nominating Committee followed by an open discussion with other meeting attendees and 2) A presentation on the COVAR Board’s initiatives to improve communications from and to the Board among association/regime leaders (for instance, use of GoToMeeting, FaceTime, Skype and other online tools for meetings and development of a COVAR Website) to be followed by an open discussion, as with the first presentation.  This format was designed to give the respective presenters and the Board an uninterrupted opportunity to present information to the other attendees while providing the latter with an opportunity to ask questions and provide input for consideration by the Nominating Committee and the Board. Due to Nominating Committee deadlines, the first part of the program cannot be rescheduled. Instead, I refer you to the excellent article published in the Seabrooker in the August “COVAR Corner,” in order to gain a better understanding of how the nominating process was conducted this year. As will be further detailed, below, the COVAR Board currently plans on conducting a meet the candidates program during its December meeting, as well as the COVAR Communications program originally scheduled for September 9.

Going forward, here is a rough outline of COVAR Board plans for the remainder of 2017: The October 11 COVAR Board Meeting will focus solely on 1) communications/web site issues and 2) COVAR Board membership/2018 elections. The November 8 Board Meeting will include all association/regime presidents or other authorized representatives and focus on

1) communications/web site issues and 2) 2018 COVAR Officer elections. The recently adopted Revised By-laws will be promulgated along with the meeting announcement/invitation to presidents/representatives. Finally, the December 11 COVAR Meeting will focus solely on the Candidates’ Forum and administrative news/issues as necessary.

In closing, just a reminder that current versions of all five COVAR Publications (Exterior Alterations and Improvements, License and Tax Obligations, Rules Guests Need to Know, Beaches and Seabrook Island Villa Survey (2014) are available upon request to me at It should also be noted that current versions of License and Tax Obligations, Rules Guests Need to Know and Beaches can be read on and/or downloaded from the SIPOA Website by logging onto the Owners Homepage, selecting “MINUTES & ARCHIVE”, then selecting “COVAR” and finally selecting the desired document.

-Submitted by Allan Keener, COVAR President

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