Charleston Arts Festival Myth of An Atom Oct 12-13

Charleston Arts Festival Presents | MYTH OF AN ATOM

MYTH OF AN ATOM is the brainchild of New York-based duo, visual designer Christian Hannon (NON Visuals) and musician/producer Fallen Atom. Eclectically fusing elements of hip hop, R&B, future bass, and electronic soundscapes with fluid, sound reactive imagery, this audiovisual performance explores the nature of light, sound, and the cinematic experience with a live band. Atom and Hannon are accompanied by other musicians behind a translucent screen that is projection mapped by Hannon’s visuals, creating a holographic effect. The visuals and music are of a modular nature, making each show a unique adventure for the viewer and the performers.

Hannon and Atom are originally Charleston natives, who debuted their project locally at the Charleston Arts Festival Finale in October of 2016.

Location: Redux Contemporary Art Center, 1056 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

(Photo credit:  CVB website)

-Tidelines Editor

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