Proposed New Rules on Shore Fishing

The Town of Seabrook Island town council has received a number of complaints recently from beachgoers who have run into or otherwise become entangled in fishing lines from poles anchored high up on the beach. Accordingly, the town council is considering two requirements of anglers fishing on our beaches:

1) Active poles–i.e. those anchored in rod holders with lines into the water–must not be left unattended. The angler must be within a reasonable distance, probably about 30 feet, of the pole.

2) Fishing must take place within 30 feet of the existing high reach water line, whether the poles are held by the angler or placed in a rod holder. High reach water line means the line of the incoming waves at the time, not the high tide line.

We believe these requirements would not unduly interfere with enjoying shore fishing. And, they should provide sufficient visible cues so that beach walkers and bike riders can avoid the fishing lines.

The Town doesn’t have any plans to try to restrict fishing to certain areas away from swimmers. We have no indication that anglers are encroaching on bathers. We have observed people fishing on Edisto Beach nearby to swimmers. But, when we asked, they were invariably from the same family.

Comments welcome on our website:

Submitted by John Turner, Councilman, Town of Seabrook Island

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