WaterProof the Children

Amy Myers is another one of those wonderful Seabrookers who gives of her time and talent to help those in need. I call them ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Amy runs WaterProof, Inc., an organization that teaches kindergarten and first-grade students at Mt. Zion and Edith L. Frierson Schools how to swim. She runs the program in the spring and fall of each year using the Boy Scout Camp Ho Non Wah located in Wadmalaw, which has a great pool. Each session includes 10 days of swimming from 9 am to 12 noon. There are 70 students that are taught how to swim.

Amy took over the program from Linda Clarkson who had the idea to teach kids from the local schools about swimming. Linda moved away and as no one stepped up to the plate to take over the program, Amy decided she wanted to do it. It seems that most of the students in the surrounding schools do not know how to swim, which is astonishing given the many bodies of water that surround us. The children get very excited about the program, but many of them are terrified to get into the water.

Amy tries to have a volunteer in the water with each child, but that is not possible given the current number of volunteers, so if any of you are interested in helping out, she could use the help. She currently has 12 volunteers in the water for each session; the ideal number would be 15. Each class is in the water for 40 minutes and there are 4 classes per day. To qualify as an instructor/volunteer with WaterProof, you have to be certified by the Boy Scouts which requires taking the Darkness to Light training showing how to work with children.

The children are bussed from their schools to the Boy Scout Camp. Part of the fundraising they do pays for the busses, which runs around a total of $4,000 a year. They have also been given a grant from the Kiawah-Seabrook Island Exchange Club. At the end of each ten-day session, Todd Gerhart provides free ice cream for the children.

There will be a fundraiser Friday, October 13th, at the Lake House put on by one of the WaterProof volunteers, Seabrooker Derek Fyfe, which will run from 5:30-8 pm. They are asking for a $10 donation. You should bring your own food and beverage. Music will be provided. What a great opportunity to help a child in need.

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-Barbara Burgess, Tidelines Writer

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One Response to WaterProof the Children

  1. Jeff Bostock says:

    Well written post however I would add that the program seas started by Linda Clarksons and Dot Bostock!
    Jeff B

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