COVAR Annual Meeting and Candidate Nominations

Joanne Fagan, COVAR (Council of Villa Association and Regimes) President, is issuing a call for nominations to fill its 4 board positions. According to the COVAR Bylaws, revised September 5, 2017, COVAR officers shall serve one-year terms. Officers may be re-elected, and their terms expire after the first COVAR general meeting of the year.

The description for each board position follows:
• President. Duties include, but are not limited to, public representation of COVAR, chairing all COVAR meetings, preparation of meeting agendas and appointment of all committees or volunteers.
• Vice President. Duties include, but are not limited to, standing in for the President in his/her absence, as well as performing Presidential functions at the request of the President.
• Secretary. Duties include, but are not limited to, notification of all meetings, recording and publishing of meeting minutes to all COVAR member associations and regimes, and securing and maintaining records of all designated representatives.
• Treasurer. Duties include, but are not limited to, notification and acceptance of dues and preparing and publishing an annual financial report.

The 4 current board members are all running for re-election. In addition, if you would like to submit a nomination, please email Joanne Fagan at

The Annual COVAR Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, at 5:00 pm via Zoom. A meeting invitation will be emailed on February 24, 2023 to the current COVAR e-mail membership list.

Please email Joanne Fagan if you would like to be added to the list.

-Submitted by Joanne Fagan, COVAR President

CATR Seeks Volunteers

Johns Island’s Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding (CATR) will be offering two volunteer training classes in anticipation of its spring class schedule which begins next month. Volunteer training will be offered on Saturday morning, January 28, from 9:30 am to noon, and again on Tuesday afternoon, February 2, from 4:30 to 7:00 pm. Interested parties may attend either session to learn procedures for assisting CATR’s students during weekly classes. No previous experience working with horses is required.

For more information or to register for either of the sessions, email or call 843-559-6040.

CATR, now in its 32nd year of operation, helps adults and children with disabilities to enjoy a more active and fulfilling life in partnership with horses at its 43-acre farm on River Road. It is currently serving more than 150 students with physical, developmental or emotional challenges.

For more information about Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, click here.

-Submitted by Norm Powers, for CATR

How to Volunteer for a 2023 SIPOA Committee

Do you want to become involved with a SIPOA committee and help make Seabrook Island an even better place for all of us to live? It’s easy to do!

As you know, volunteerism is the backbone of our community. Many of us bring our skills and hard work to committees, schools, churches, medical and social service organizations. Now is the time for property owners to begin thinking about volunteering for SIPOA committees. The SIPOA committees will be organizing shortly after the 2023 SIPOA election of new Board members and the assignments of committee chairs are made.

To help you decide which committee(s) you’d like to apply to, just click here to find a description of all the SIPOA committees and the approximate time commitment for each.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the information, you can click here for the Committee Volunteer Form to submit your application to serve on a SIPOA committee.

-Submitted by SIPOA

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Project Playhouse Build

Sea Island Habitat for Humanity will be hosting a Project Playhouse Build on Saturday, December 3, 2022.  They are looking for members of the community to help build playhouses for deserving children in the area.

Six teams are needed to help build 6 playhouses. Each wooden playhouse is custom-made to the likes and interests of a child or children in our community. These families qualify as low-income and due to financial restraints would be unable to provide a gift like this for the holidays. Help make a kid’s holiday season memorable by building them an incredible playhouse!

If you can’t participate in the event, please consider donating to Sea Island Habitat for Humanity.  Please click here for more information about donating your time and/or talent.

-Submitted by Josie Spa, Communications & Outreach Manager

Free Tax Prep Program Seeks Local Volunteers

VITA (Volunteers Income Tax Assistance) is an IRS program that provides tax preparation help, free of charge, with a special focus on low to moderate income taxpayers 50 years old and older, to help them get the credits and deductions they’ve earned.

The key to providing this service is local volunteers who are trained to help them. Tax counselors receive extensive free tax training and will become familiar with IRS/SC tax rules and regulations. Volunteers of all backgrounds and ages are welcome and needed to serve clients in the Charleston area, including Johns and James Islands. Familiarity with income tax returns and technology is helpful but not required.

Tax counselors are expected to be available for 5 hours per week February 1 to April 15, 2023. It’s a great way to learn new skills, assist in helping others, and become more involved in your community.

Please consider joining our local volunteer team! Contact the Charleston District Recruitment Coordinator, Fran Williams at (803) 443-1878, or email, for more information. 

To learn about the VITA Program, click here.

-Tidelines Editors

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CERT Looking for Medical Volunteers

Seabrook Island Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was established on Seabrook Island in 2006 when a number of concerned residents undertook and completed the FEMA-designed training through the Charleston County Office of Emergency Management. This all-volunteer organization is trained to respond to life-threatening emergencies when professionals are not available and to serve as support when they are available.

CERT is looking for volunteers that have a medical background.  They can be active or retired medical professionals and be willing to volunteer to assist with triage if an emergency situation occurred on the Island.

If you are interested in volunteering or know of anyone that might be interested in assisting CERT please contact Team Leader, Steve Pollock, at (516) 510-9029 or Denise Kotva at (843) 814-4551.

-Submitted by Denise Kotva

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Thank you, Seabrook Island!

In July, Support Mt. Zion Kids appealed to readers of Tidelines, and other publications, requesting funds to purchase needed school supplies that the local school system does not provide. The response was overwhelming; 96% of the money came from Seabrook Island residents and property owners. With your generous donations, Support Mt. Zion Kids provided teacher-requested supplies such as crayons, scissors, art paper, notebooks, or pencil boxes for each classroom. The school’s “closet” is well stocked with multiple sizes of khaki pants and shorts, polo shirts, zip-style sweatshirts, socks, and underwear. In addition, the school’s PTO sold school spirit wear (polos or sweatshirts printed with the school’s name), and we bought several shirts in each size for children whose families could not make this extra purchase. Our organization also fulfilled requested supplies from the school’s counselor and nurse.

Hope Johnson, the school counselor, relayed a special thank you from the teary-eyed parent of a child who entered school this year. The family could not afford proper clothing for their young son, but the closet could provide him with a week’s supply of shorts, polo shirts, underwear, socks, and a school sweatshirt. As a result, the little boy now attends school regularly because he is appropriately dressed, and the mother wants to send her sincere thanks. Similar scenarios appear throughout the year, and we are quietly ready to help.

From Anna Mims, the Mt. Zion Elementary School Principal:

The Mt. Zion team is so thankful to have such an incredibly supportive community on Seabrook Island. Your generosity has enabled us to do so many wonderful things for our students, including providing school supplies, uniforms, and personal hygiene products as well as supplying items that support special projects in classrooms and throughout the school. Thank you for donating to Support Mt. Zion Kids and for volunteering your time and energy as you are able! 

Thank you all so much for remembering our larger community. Support Mt. Zion Kids is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

-Submitted by Lucy Hoover, Elaine Davis, Valerie Luzadder

(Image credits: Teachers Pay Teachers and Mt. Zion School)

CATR Seeks Volunteers for Therapeutic Riding Program

Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding (CATR) is seeking volunteers to help staff its upcoming autumn class schedule for adults and children with physical, developmental, or cognitive challenges. CATR will be offering a 2-hour volunteer orientation and sidewalker training at its 43-acre farm on nearby River Road on August 27, 2022, from 9 – 11 am. No prior experience with horses is required.

CATR has been serving the greater Charleston area for more than thirty years, empowering adults and children with disabilities to lead more active and fulfilling lives in partnership with horses. To learn more and to register for volunteer training, contact Volunteer Coordinator Kenna Brookshire at

-Submitted by Norm Powers for CATR

Volunteers Needed for CERT

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was created by FEMA in the late 1970s as a community-based reactive team for emergencies. Their role is to provide first response until professionals arrive and then provide support as needed. Seabrook Island CERT was established in 2006 when a number of concerned residents undertook and completed the FEMA-designed training through the Charleston County Office of Emergency Management.

CERT is a volunteer, FEMA-trained, and certified organization of residents who are there to provide first response to the community in the event of an emergency or disaster. We have provided support to St. Johns Fire Department in the search and rescue of missing children, swimmers, kayakers, and boaters in the vicinity of Seabrook Island.

In addition to being available during an emergency, CERT members support the community by providing traffic control during the 4th of July Parade, the Holiday Parade, and marathons as well as providing backup to St. Johns Fire Department in the event of a major incident.

We are looking for new members. To view of video about how CERT serves communities throughout the United States, click here. The normal time commitment for Seabrook Island CERT is one hour every other month to attend a meeting and then for events as they occur. Please contact:

Stephen Pollock, Team Leader for SI CERT

-Submitted by Stephen Pollack

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Potluck in the Park-Seabrook Gardeners Helping the Homeless

Potluck in the Park is a group of individuals, not associated with any organizations or churches, who cook food to feed the homeless every Sunday at Conway Park in Charleston. We were introduced to this group by Karen Babb when Edna Bickett reached out to her inquiring if anyone with a garden plot would be willing to donate extra food/vegetables for her to cook. During the last 8 months, we have become an integral part of this group. 

Many of the gardeners on Seabrook Island have graciously donated their extra produce for us to cook, for which we are ever grateful. Valerie Collins and Karen Babb have also helped cook some food. All dishes are welcomed and enjoyed fully by the people in need. Several people have donated gently used clothing which is always needed.  

It is heartwarming to live on Seabrook where so many are willing to help others who are less fortunate. If you would like to learn more about this service, please contact Bruce Stewart, garden manager at

-Submitted by Diane B. Stewart

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Sea Island Habitat Women Build “Seabrook Day”

During the Sea Island Habitat for Humanity Women Build Week, ladies from Seabrook Island worked hand-in-hand with Mr.Gathers, the homeowner of the house they were working on.  Blessed with cool weather, they spent time hammering stabilizing nails into the walls of his new home.

A different group of super-strong Seabrook ladies arrived in the afternoon and were joined by Mr. Gathers as they lifted end trusses onto the walls that framed the house to help form his roof. Now it is really beginning to look like a home!

Mr. Gathers said he felt better having a hand in lifting the roof that he will soon live under. He’s just that kind of guy. And we think he’s awesome for that.

Habitat for Humanity “gives a hand up, not a handout.”  Homeowners must, among other requirements, put in service hours helping to build their home, either on-site or in other venues.  Click here to see more about Sea Island Habitat for Humanity.

-Submitted by Sue Dostal

(Photo credit: Kate Sherwood)

Hunger Impacts Our Greater Community: Saluting SI Volunteers

Hunger and food insecurity are the unfortunate reality for many residents throughout Johns Island and Wadmalaw.

The community of Seabrook Island is a lifeline of nutritious and generous support to be recognized, mobilized, and celebrated!

Join your Seabrook Island hosts Robert and Shawn Kahle and Lowcountry Food Bank leadership for an opportunity to learn more about how our nearby neighbors are being helped through the incredible dedication of Seabrook Island volunteers, donors, and passionate nonprofit partners.

Those who will share more about their important work include:
• BackPack Buddies of Seabrook Island
• Hebron Zion Presbyterian Church
• New Webster JIP Food Pantry
• Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach
• Sea Islands Blessing Basket/Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation
• St. James Bethel AME Church

Members of the Lowcountry Food Bank team joining us for this gathering include CEO Nick Osborne and Lowcountry Food Bank Foundation Chair Pat Walker.

This is a free reception to recognize the great work underway as Seabrook Island volunteers, donors, and nonprofit partners join the fight against hunger. We would love for you to join us and bring friends and neighbors interested in learning more.

We’ll provide a festive and grateful spirit along with light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.

Thursday, April 28, 2022
5:00 – 7:00 pm is a chance to mingle and learn more; a brief program at 5:45 p.m.
Live Oak Hall
Seabrook Island Lake House
2319 Seabrook Island Road
Casual attire is perfect!

Be a peach and RSVP by Monday, April 25, 2022, to: or you can call with your RSVP to Beth Atkinson at 843-747-8146, ext. 123

-Submitted by Shawn and Bob Kahle