John Wells, Candidate for Town Council

John Wells has been a Seabrooker since 1995. He graduated from Clemson University with a degree in electrical engineering. He worked for the US Navy for 33 years doing ship repairs and overhauls of surface combatants and submarines. John was Director of Maintenance and Operations at SIPOA for 16 years. He was appointed to the Planning Commission in 2014 and elected to Town Council in 2015

He is running again because he has several projects he is working on and they are at crucial points. He is involved with the Seabrook Island Gateway Plan, which will upgrade the portion of Seabrook Island Road that the Town maintains from the SIPOA property line at Landfall Way to the traffic circle at Freshfields Village. This plan involves repairing/replacing portions of the storm water drainage systems, eliminating ponding on the roads, improving and replacing the town signage and landscaping after all is done. John has developed an RFP (request for proposal) for a contractor to head this project. He expects bids to come in January and wants to be around to see the project through.

He feels that one of his major successes while on the Planning Commission was completion and implementation of the Beach Management Plan.  The plan involves moving the inlet, beach renourishment, wildlife management and the many problems attendant to that process, such as issues involving the stranding dolphins and migrating wild life that need protection. He would like to participate in the continued implementation of that project.

He feels his qualifications for Council are all the activities he was employed to do when he was Director of Maintenance and Operations for the POA. He got to know about all of the various organizations in the Town, the POA and the Club, from the legal and structural prospective. He started the storm water pipe fiberglass lining project. He started the Intern program. He built the first maintenance building for property owners and served on the Horizon Plan Committee in 2005 and 2006 that brought the first integrated project we had for coordination between the Town, the Club and SIPOA.

-Barbara Burgess, Tidelines Staff Writer