Town of Seabrook Island Town Council Meeting Notes – November 28

November 28, 2017

Following the Pledge of Allegiance and the Call to Order, the Mayor welcomed Jeri Finke, the newly elected Councilwoman, and Joe Cronin, who will replace Randy Pierce, as Town Administrator.

The following Minutes were accepted and approved with no changes:
-Public Hearing of October 24, 2017
-Town Council Minutes of October 24, 2017
-Ways & Means Committee Minutes of November 14, 2017

Financials – Mayor Ciancio reported on the financial status of the Town of Seabrook Island. It was noted that the General Fund balance is $4,644,451, which is 10% better than this time last year, and that on a year to date basis through the end of October, and excluding the $400,000 transferred from the general fund for roadway expenses, unrestricted revenue has exceeded expenses by $280,491.

Citizens/Guests Presentations, Comments: none.

Reports of Standing Committees, Commissions, Boards:

Public Safety – John Gregg –
–   Councilman Gregg attended the Seabrook Island Club’s (SIC) Long Range Planning (LRP)  Committee meeting.
–   They discussed capital improvements be included in the strategic plan, with measures identified for monitoring progress. The Strategic Plan was approved by the LRP without changes.
–   The SIC LRP discussed engaging a consultant to address issues such as low member satisfaction with the food & beverage service.

Public Safety Committee
–   They are reviewing new proposed updates to the Comprehensive Emergency Plan.
–   Ed Maher volunteered to review re: damage assessments and the categories to be used.
–   The next Public Safety Committee meeting will be held on December 13th.
–   The next Disaster Recovery Committee meeting will be on December 4, which will be the planning session for the annual training, which will take place in January
–   There is a pending request for public assistance due to Hurricane Matthew. FEMA             approved funding for certain debris removal costs. There is disagreement over an amount that FEMA believes should be covered under the Town’s insurance coverage, but was not, which the Town is working to resolve.
–   There is a pending request for public assistance resulting from Hurricane Irma. At this stage, FEMA has deemed the Town to be eligible for FEMA grant funding in this category.             The Town’s application is in process. The majority of the costs for Hurricane Irma was for the rental of generators to keep the pumps functioning when the electricity was out.
–   A request for hazard mitigation grant funding is pending for certain drainage projects on Seabrook Island Road (flapper gates).
–   Resolution 2017-06, A Resolution for the Adoption of the Revised Charleston Regional             Hazard Mitigation Plan – The Charleston County Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan includes the Town of Seabrook Island’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Town participates in the Community Rating System based on this plan. The Community Rating System assigned Seabrook Island a rating of ‘5’, which is the highest rating in the County and gives Seabrook Island residents a 20% reduction in the FEMA portion of homeowners flood insurance. The resolution is to approve the adoption of the revised Charleston Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan. Motion Passed.
–   Motion for Approval to Enter into a Census Plan Agreement with AirMedCare –The resolution is to allow the Town to enter into an agreement with AirMedCare, which provides emergency air ambulance transport. This is an opportunity to extend benefits to employees of the Town of Seabrook Island and their family members. The cost to the Town will be $175. Motion Passed.

Public Relations/Communications – Skip Crane
–   The Communications Committee met on Nov 15 to review objectives and resources required to accomplish their objectives.
–   Reviewed and made updates to the Town website in coordination with Lou Hammond             Group (LHG).
–   Coordinated a letter to the Post & Courier in response to their op-ed piece on the DHEC-OCRM proposed Beachfront Jurisdictional Line revisions.
–   Prepared a schedule for Council review on submitting articles to The Seabrooker for 2018.

Special Projects/Beach Administration – John Wells – No report

Community and Government Relations – Jeri Finke no report

Ways & Means – no report

Planning Commission – no report

Board of Zoning Appeals – no report

Reports of Ad Hoc Committees: None

Reports of Town Officers:

–   Mayor Ciancio noted that according to Section 2-69 of the Town Code, the Mayor Pro Tem is to be elected from among the membership of the Council for a term of 1 year. He said that Councilman Gregg had served in this position for the last two years. One motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved, John Gregg was elected Mayor Pro Tem for the period prescribed by the Town’s Ordinance.
–   The Mayor reported that the Town Code gives the mayor the authority to appoint a zoning administrator, but is silent on the authority to appoint the Town Administrator. He also noted that the Town Code vests both positions with code enforcement authority. Upon motion made, seconded and approved, Council (1) confirmed Mr. Cronin’s appointment as Zoning Administrator, (2) appointed Mr. Cronin as Town Administrator, and (3) confirmed Mr. Cronin’s authority as code enforcement officer in both positions.

Town Administrator/Zoning Administrator
–   Beach Patrol Bid – Mr. Cronin reported that a Request for Proposal (RFP) was let for Beach Patrol services, and that one proposal – from Island Beach Services was received. A draft contract is being reviewed by Island Beach Services, which is the same contractor that won the bid last summer. This RFP calls for expanding the number of calendar days and number of hours each day on the beach.
–   Joe Cronin expressed his thanks to the Town for the opportunity to serve Seabrook Island and for the opportunity to work with Randy Pierce before he retires, and his appreciation for the guidance provided by the Town staff and Council members.

Town Council Members – no report

Utility Commission
–   The annual election of officers took place. Jim Bannwart is chairman again.
–   Cash flow was strong in October.
–   The SIUC retained an engineering firm (WK Dickson) to assist with formulating grant requests: The first, to fund the purchase of generators; and the second, to work with DHEC to review the flow capacity and design of the plant with a potential redesign for a new capacity level.
–   Bills will go out at the end of the month with an insert offering another way to pay SIUC             bills through a 3rd party via credit card.

Petitions Received, Referred or Disposed of: None

Ordinances for First Reading:

Ordinance 2017-05, An Ordinance to Rezone 2718 Old Oak Walk from Single Family Residential to Agricultural-Conservation following the transfer of this Green Space Conservancy property to SIPOA. Motion Approved.

Ordinance 2017-06, Mayor Ciancio stated that the Town would undertake a comprehensive review of its Employee Handbook to ensure the employee handbook is consistent with current policies and current law. In the interim, he asked that Council address a specific section of the handbook which deals with employee and retiree participation in state-sponsored health, dental, vision and life insurance. Mayor Ciancio introduced An Ordinance Amending the Town of Seabrook Island Employee Information Packet so as to Revise the Policies and Procedures Related to the Provision of Insurance Benefits for Active and Retired Employees of the Town of Seabrook Island.
The proposed amendment:
–   Confirms the TOSI will offer FT employees, defined as employees working 30 hrs or more per week, an opportunity to continue participation in health/vision/dental plan into retirement.
–   The Town will pay the employer portion of the premium.
–   The Town may, subject to the review and approval of the Council, subsidize the employee portion of monthly medical premiums.
–   Retiree’s who meet the state’s minimum requirements may participate in the State medical program. In this case, the Town will not pay an employer or employee premium but will collect the required premium from the retired employee and remit the same to the state.
– Motion to approve 1st reading. Motion Approved.

Ordinances for Second Reading: None

Miscellaneous Business

Citizens Comments


-Submitted by Tidelines Editor

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