Abridged Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes for December 12, 2017

Priority One has requested that Brown and White Pick Up be moved to the second Friday in January due to the New Year’s Holiday conflict. The request was approved by the committee.

As discussed and approved in November, yard debris collection switched from The Greenery to Priority One and will be implemented on January 1, 2018. The Greenery’s contract will be extended for another year for other services. The net change of cost; decrease of Greenery will be $63,000 and the increase for Priority One will be $88,000. The cost of grinding will be decreased from $40,000 to $20,000. The additional cost will be $5,000; however the change will allow for less management of yard waste.

A property owner expressed concerns over an unresolved fish kill in a pond in August, 2016. The pond in question is on Club Property and there is no 2016 data for these ponds. Guy Gimson will make the Club aware of the situation. All of the SIPOA maintained ponds and lakes were analyzed by interns over the summer of 2107. After a lengthy study and report, these ponds were found to be healthy. A link to this report will be sent to both the property owner and the Club.

An extra dumpster will be in the Maintenance area during the week after Christmas. A request will be made to Charleston County to come for a second dumpster pick up that week.

Currently, the National OCS Program for oil and gas development establishes a schedule of oil and gas lease sales proposed for the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). Currently BOEM is working under the 2017-2022 National OCS Program which does not include the Atlantic OCS region. However, as directed by the current administration, BOEM has implemented the process of developing a new National OCS Program for 2019-2024. This new program will schedule oil and gas lease sales on the Atlantic OCS. Preparation of the required environmental impact statement to evaluate the potential impact associated with the proposed oil and gas lease sales has not yet been initiated. At this time the status of the seven geological/geophysical permits submitted for the Atlantic OCS region is unchanged. The permits are still under review by BOEM.

Roger Banks has submitted the results of the deer survey on Seabrook Island conducted in September and November. The full report is attached. Noticeably there are many more bucks than in the past and for the first time some bucks will need to be taken. The recommended number to be taken is 50; 35 doe, 15 bucks and no Piebalds. A motion to accept deer proposal based on the the data collected and Jim Jordan’s recommendations was made and seconded. The Environmental Committee emphasizes that our Piebald deer will be protected. The meat will be processed into 2 pound packages of ground meat; at this time the processor only uses the larger sections of each animal. Roger Banks will ask if the animals can be boned out to provide more meat which is sent to local food banks and charities. Each deer taken and processed costs $350. The committee approved the motion.

Seabrook Island has been awarded a level three status from Audubon International as a sustainable community. Seabrook Island is the first community in South Carolina to achieve this status and 6th in the world. This achievement should be heavily promoted.

-Submitted by Lucy Hoover

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