Highlights from the SIPOA Special Board of Directors Meeting: 12/20/2017

SIPOA held a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors on Wednesday, December 20.  All members were present except Ed Williams; Phil Squire attended the early part of the meeting by phone.

President Ed Houff welcomed attendees and explained rules for this Special Meeting of the Board:  there would be no audience contribution or Q&A (as occurs at regular Board Meetings), and all discussion during the meeting would involve only the Board members.

Finance Chair John Feldman reported that November and December financials will be available at the January 8th Board meeting.  (Timing of these Board meetings relative to timing of Finance Committee meetings is the reason for delayed financial reporting.)

A number of Motions were put forth for Board consideration; each was approved by unanimous vote:

  • 2018 FY Budget: Feldman moved for approval of the budget, adding that the proposal adequately funds anticipated SIPOA Operating and Capital Expenses for the 2018 budget year and sets aside reserve contributions for future projects.  He said that the significant changes from 2017 relate to moving “debris removal” responsibility from Landscaping to Waste Management, and also to increasing the value of expected revenue from property transfer fees by $25K.  Mr. Houff took a moment to remark on the $25K set-aside for the Garden Plot fence.  It is a placeholder to ensure there is funding available to do what is needed in regard to repairing or replacing the fence; SIPOA staff and GOMC will determine the level of work that is appropriate to ensure the area is adequately fenced.  If necessitated by the level of funding required, final decision on any contract will come before the Board for review/approval.  Mr. Houff noted that the garden plots were established in 1993 on SIPOA property, and said that it is SIPOA’s policy to maintain its property regardless of the purpose of the property. He stressed that the purpose of the fence is to keep deer out of the gardens, adding that any additional protection (e.g., against rabbits and squirrels) would be the responsibility of individual gardeners—“The garden plot fence is not a Bunny Fence.”
  • Rules & Regulations Update: Julie McCulloch moved for approval of revisions to the SIPOA Rules & Regulations.  They were revised to coordinate with Security policies and with SIPOA’s Policies and Procedures for Residential Development.
  • ARC Policies & Procedures Update: Bill Bane moved for approval of revisions to the SIPOA Policies and Procedures for Residential Development.  The document was revised to include updates and improvements, chief among them a provision to allow contractors to leave trailers less than 16 feet long on a property overnight as long as they are properly covered.  The basis for this change is to benefit Property Owners by making it easier for their Contractors to perform work on Seabrook Island.
  • Contract with LowCountry Wildlife Specialists LLC for Deer Culling: Michael Orris moved for approval of the contract for culling of the deer herd as recommended by the Environmental Committee at a cost of $350 per deer.  He noted that the contract allows for removal of 50 deer—35 does, 15 bucks, but no piebalds—and for processing of the meat for donation to a food bank.
  • Renewal of Landscaping Contract with The Greenery: Michael Orris moved for renewal of the landscaping contract in the amount of $257,544 for a one-year period with an option to renew for 2019.  He said that SIPOA has been very satisfied with landscape services provided by The Greenery.  This contract includes a change to the weekly yard debris pickup process.  Currently, curbside yard debris is collected by The Greenery and deposited in the SIC maintenance yard for tub grinding by an outside contractor; the ground debris is then hauled off the island.  The yard debris pickup will be added to the contract with Priority One Services and will eliminate the need for storage at SIC, tub grinding, and hauling.
  • Extension of Contract with Priority One Services: Michael Orris moved for approval of an addition to the contract with Priority One Services in the amount of $87,987.96 for weekly yard debris pickup for a total contract amount of $397,535.96 annually, and an extension of the contract to 1/31/2023.  He added that the current trash/brown & white pickup contract expires in January 2021.  To increase efficiency, Priority One will load the debris into trucks that compact the debris as it is collected, and the debris will be removed from the island on pickup day.  This will eliminate the need to store and grind yard debris at the SIC maintenance facility and haul it offsite.
  • Lot Combination Request: Block 16 Lot 06 and Block 16 Lot 07: Bill Bane moved for approval of the lot combination, noting that the SIPOA Covenants require Board approval of any lot combination requests.

The Board went into Executive Session at 10:47 am.  The next regular SIPOA Board Meeting will be held on January 8, 2018, at 1:00 PM.

Comments or questions should be directed to publiccomment@sipoa.org.

– Tidelines Editor

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