Board of Directors Candidate – Richard Siegel


I am seeking a Board position because I would like to contribute to finding solutions for the numerous long and short-term challenges facing our community. As we begin to approach “build out” and sea level rise we will face critical infrastructure decisions that will affect all island property owners. At the same time, as some of our housing stock ages, we are likely to need mechanisms for dealing with homes and condos that have become neglected and uninhabitable. In the near term, as housing continues to be built, we are seeing a considerable loss of the habitat that our popular and precious wildlife require. Financial and community resources will need to be marshaled to help us deal with these and many other issues.

I spent the first part of my working life in retail management being involved in every bookkeeping aspect of the business including account payable and receivable, budgeting, payroll, purchasing and finance. When I switched careers to education I taught history for twelve years before I became a building administrator where I managed a large staff and worked to control expenses while maintaining high quality educational experiences for hundreds of kids.

In the two plus years that I have been a resident of Seabrook, moving from a condo to a house, I have been tremendously impressed with the community support and commitment that is demonstrated daily by the Seabrook family. As the coordinator of the Adopt-A-Highway Program that periodically cleans up a portion of Betsy Kerrison Parkway outside our gates I regularly have to put out calls for assistance. The response is always heartening. I have had the pleasure to serve on both the Environmental Committee and the Activities Committee and I am regularly reminded of the commitment of the committee members and the level of expertise they bring to their tasks. Groups like SINHG and the SI Birders have hundreds of members demonstrating the involvement of our residents.

Serving on a subcommittee of the Environmental Committee looking into wildlife habitat preservation and SIPOA landscaping practices around our lakes lagoons and marshes has been an enlightening experience for me. On the committee were numerous very knowledgeable volunteers who had been members and heads of groups like the Greenspace Conservancy, the Club, the SIPOA Board and the Environmental Committee. We searched through the ARC and DHEC regulations as well as soliciting opinions from a wide range of property owners and wildlife experts. Two things struck me. It became apparent to me how many very talented people live here and how many of them have given so freely of their time and energy over the years to make Seabrook what it is. Serving on that subcommittee also showed me the diversity of thought on what’s appropriate for the future development of our home. By serving on the Board I hope to help find ways to build a consensus for solutions that will be sustainable.

-Submitted by the Nominating Committee

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