The Charleston Museum – January Calendar of Events

January Calendar of Events

January 1 – The Charleston Museum and its historic houses will be open New Year’s Day. Start your year off right with a visit to The Charleston Museum!

January 3Kid Tours: Magnificent Mammals, 3:30 pm.

January 12 – The Charleston Museum celebrates its 245th birthday! Visit the Museum and receive a buy one/get one free coupon for Cupcake on King Street while supplies last.

January 12 – Conversations with a Curator: Archivist Jennifer McCormick on The Early Days: A Photographic History of America’s First Museum, 10:30 am.

January 17*Toddler Day: A Very Merry Unbirthday, 10 am – 11 am.

January 19*Home School History Day: Museum Attic, 10 am – 11 am.

January 25*Storeroom Tours: Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals with Chief Curator Grahame Long, 5:30 pm.

January 31*Toddler Day: Pajama Party, 10 am – 11 am.

*Indicates that reservations are required; fees may apply to these programs.


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Exclusive Storeroom Tour: Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals

January 25, 5:30 pm

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Charleston’s diseases and life-threatening ailments severely hampered the local population and its economic growth. In fact, just staying alive during what was popularly referred to at the time as “the sickly season” (August through November) could be considered an accomplishment. For centuries, Charlestonians coped with a number of maladies, oftentimes attempting to prevent or even cure them. During this exclusive storeroom tour, participants will closely examine The Charleston Museum’s extensive medical and pharmaceutical collection along with Chief Curator Grahame Long, getting a look at the struggles many locals endured and the tactics they resorted to in their quest to remain healthy.


What We’re Excited About –

Sweetgrass Basket Weaving Workshop

February 3, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

On February 3, learn to make traditional sweetgrass baskets with basket maker, Sarah Edwards-Hammond! Mrs. Edwards-Hammond comes from a long line of basket makers and has passed down the tradition to her children, grandchildren, and community members. The instructor will share a brief history of the basket making art form.  Participants will then spend the rest of the class making their own basket with Mrs. Edwards-Hammond’s guidance. Come learn about an incredible craft that has been a staple of culture, art, and history in Charleston for centuries. Space is limited, so register quickly!


A Word From Our Director, Carl Borick

Happy New Year to all of our Museum friends!  Although we are looking forward to good things in 2018, this past year was one of amazing accomplishments for The Charleston Museum.

Certainly our most notable achievement of 2017 was the completion of our new Bunting Natural History Gallery.  Named for longtime Museum benefactor Ethel-Jane Bunting and a crucial objective of our most recent Strategic Plan, the gallery now provides a cohesive overview of Lowcountry natural history, using an outstanding selection of fossils, casts, animal mounts, geologic examples and other materials from the collections.  It has definitely stirred the reaction among our guests that we had hoped, particularly the school groups.  We strongly believe the gallery presentation will inspire the next generation of young Museum goers and be a highly satisfying experience for those long familiar with the Museum.  Thanks, once again, to all who supported this project financially.

To read more about the past year at the Museum and what we’re expecting for 2018, read the full blog post online!

New to the Collection

In 2017, we accessioned 128 objects into the collection from 20 donors!  We are most grateful to the individuals and families who have helped to strengthen the Museum’s collections in making these gifts.  Among the highlights are an 1840s silver teapot, photographs of the old Museum building on Rutledge Avenue from the early 20th century, and letters of Mildred Stewart from her time as a nurse at Stark Hospital, a U.S. Army medical facility located in Charleston during the Second World War.

For a full list of these donated objects, visit our blog

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Conversations With a Curator

Conversations with a Curator programs allow visitors a chance to have an intimate look at an exhibit in The Charleston Museum, hear stories, ask questions and spark conversations. The Museum’s collections are both extraordinary and diverse, and each Curator-led talk and tour allows participants to immerse themselves in different areas of Charleston’s history. These programs begin at 10:30 am and are typically held on the second Friday of each month.

All Conversations with a Curator programs are open to the public and free with admission and free for Members.

The schedule for upcoming Conversations with a Curator Programs is as follows:

January 12

Archivist Jennifer McCormick on The Early Days: A Photographic History of America’s First Museum

February 9

Hammered: Charleston Silver and Its Silversmiths with Chief Curator Grahame Long

March 9

Curator of Historical Archaeology Martha Zierden on Rice Plantations and Archaeology

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