Update on Local Road Conditions

We have received a report from a Seabrooker on the condition of the route from the airport to Seabrook Island as of 5:30 pm on Friday, January 5, just as temperatures were approaching freezing,

  • I-526 was clear; Savannah Highway from I-526 to Main Road was mostly clear on the southbound side but had significant slush on the northbound side.
  • Upper Main Road was in good shape.  However, the section from Mary Ann Point to Maybank Highway had thick ice and very wet surfaces.
  • From Maybank all the way to Betsy Kerrison, the road had many patches of thick ice, alternating with very wet surfaces.
  • Betsy Kerrison was pretty clear, but there were a number of places where wet spots alternated with icy sections.
  • Seabrook Island Road from the traffic circle to Gate was mostly clear, but it was sometimes necessary to stay within tracks made by other vehicles.

A piece of good news, at 5:00 pm, a Charleston County plow and other vehicles were working on the northbound side of Bohicket Road!

Tidelines Editors

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