ABDI Visitor Pass System

The new ABDI visitor pass system will go live tomorrow, Thursday, February 1. SIPOA and Norred personnel have been working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible.

The CapSure system will no longer be available to enter visitor passes.  If you need to enter passes for your guests, please go to: www.GateAccess.net and follow the login instructions you received by mail from SIPOA earlier this month.  You can also use the GateAccess app from your mobile devices.

If you phone the gate to arrange visitor passes, please use your new Verbal Security Code (also included in the instructions you received from SIPOA earlier this month) to allow the officers to verify your identity.  If you have questions about your Verbal Security Code, please contact SIPOA at 843-768-0061 or help@sipoa.org, not the Security Gate, for assistance.

This transition may cause a slight delay in processing guests.  We appreciate your patience as our Security staff makes the transition to the new system.

Please note that this change only impacts how you register visitor passes, and is not related to use of your vehicle barcode. There is no change to your vehicle barcode, and no action on your part is needed to continue using the barcode on your vehicle.

-Submitted by SIPOA

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