SINHG Group Studies Charleston Ironwork

SINHG’s spring expeditions brought a hardy group of SINHG members to a rainy Charleston to learn the history of the city’s signature ironwork with tour guide Carol Ezell-Gilson. The group visited several sites in the city’s historic district, including the Miles Brewton home at 27 King Street, where Carol explained the meaning of its unusual crown of spiked iron, called “chevaux de frise”. Among other locations, the group explored the work of Charleston’s 19th-century ironsmith Christopher Werner and his famous Sword Gates and, more recently, work by the 20th-century ironworker Phillip Simmons, who created over 500 pieces in the city. Despite the inclement weather, the fascinating walk and information more than compensated the group.

-Submitted by Kathleen Pompe, on behalf of SINHG

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