Seabrook Island Club 2018 Election Results

Seabrook Island Club
2018 Board of Governors


President: Robert Nerhood
Vice President: George Conbeer
Secretary: Donna Brown
Treasurer: Doris Reinhart


Finance – Chair, Doris Reinhart; Vice Chair, Fred Finke

Marketing & Communication – Chair, Warren McCullough; Vice Chair, Kelton Peterson*

Operations – Chair, Don Romano; Vice Chair, Larry Buchman

Membership – Chair, Tom Colatsky; Vice Chair, Warren McCoullough

LRP – Chair, Scott Humphreys; Vice Chair, Tom Colatsky

Golf – Chair, Fred Finke; Vice Chair, Scott Humphreys

Racquet – Chair, Donna Brown; Vice Chair, Robert Cherry*

Equestrian – Chair, Richard Marion; Vice Chair, Norm Powers*

House – Chair, Jeff Ward; Vice Chair, Larry Buchman

Nominating – Chair, Jerry Farber

Facilities Ad Hoc – Chair, George Conbeer

*non Board member

-Submitted by Robert Nerhood, President, SIC

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