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SINHG with Us – A Weekly Summary of SINHG Events and Trips

SINHG members explored the management of Charleston Harbor’s busy maritime traffic and tracked some of Seabrook Island’s wildlife in two of this spring’s SINHG Trips.

Harbor Pilot 3A morning with the Charleston Harbor Pilots made clear how crucial the smooth operation of harbor traffic is to Charleston’s economy. 2400 ships – from huge container ships to private yachts – entered and left the harbor last year with no incidents, even though 60% of such traffic occurs at night. SINHG’ers were impressed with this critical service that operates 24 hours a day.

Tracking critters 3On a visit to St. Christopher Camp with naturalist David Garner, participants studied the tracks and spoor left by Seabrook Island’s abundant wildlife, beginning with a classroom lecture on skull shapes and how gait affects the tracks left in sand and dirt. The group then explored the river beach dunes and discovered tracks from bobcat, deer, raccoons and beetles.

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-Submitted by Lynn Baker for SINHG

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