SINHG Goes Stargazing

SINHG StargazerSINHG members recently joined the Stargazers Club for an evening of viewing the night sky over the Ocean Winds course. The evening began at the Oyster Catcher Community Center with an informative presentation on astronomy and various types of telescopes.

At sunset, the group moved to tee box 15 on the Ocean Winds course, where the Stargazers provided nine telescopes. It was clear enough early in the evening to observe the moon’s craters and, as the sky darkened, the Orion nebula and even the International Space Station twinkling like a not-so-distant star. Gathering clouds later in the evening meant an early, but no less fascinating, evening.

SINHG thanks the Stargazers Club for providing a wonderful lesson about our night skies.

–Submitted by Lynn Baker on behalf of SINHG

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