SIUC Hydrant Testing


The Seabrook Island Utility Commission will begin flow testing water hydrants today at several sites on the island. The process will take several days and is to insure there is adequate fire-fighting pressure and that the hydrants are in acceptable working order.

Two other organizations will be manipulating the fire hydrants on Seabrook Island, they are:

St. Johns Fire Department has begun testing fire hydrants, as part of their testing and training protocol. They will be testing in various areas on Seabrook Island.

Seabrook Island Property Owners Association has a contractor working on the storm drains and is utilizing water hydrants for their work.

Please note that during this time, sediment, which occurs normally in the water lines, may be stirred up causing the potable water to become less clear, rusty or tea-colored.

If you find this has occurred in your water, you can run your faucets and the water will clear up. You may also want to consider running your clothes and dishwasher (empty of contents) through a cycle if you are experiencing rusty or tea-colored water coming from your faucets.

Please note that the water is safe to drink.

-Submitted by the Seabrook Island Utility Commission

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