News From The Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy

The Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy has traditionally run a summer fundraising push by inserting donation envelopes in the June or July Seabrooker, and we’ve been very grateful for the positive response each year. Thank you! Often, we capture donations from summer visitors to our island because they so appreciate the natural beauty and abundance of wildlife the preserved green space provides. We know, however, that many of those envelopes go unused and the paper and cost of printing them is wasted. So … the conservancy is trying something new – a simple clip and mail coupon printed in the paper itself. We’re saving money for future property acquisitions and saving a tree or two in doing so. Look for Conservancy’s article and the coupon in your next Seabrooker, due out the first of June.

-Submitted by Beth Nicholls on behalf of SIGSC


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