Vanishing Charleston Exhibit at the Gibbes Museum

<i>Pick-up Game, Chapel Street</i>, 1980, By Horace Talmage Day (American, 1909—1984); Oil on canvas; 25 x 30 inches; Gift of H. Talmage Day; 2005.003

A new exhibit opened at the Gibbes Museum on May 25 of paintings depicting the everchanging landscape of Charleston.  At a time where there is controversy about several new buildings in the area, it is interesting to see what Charleston looked like in the past.

Some of the buildings no longer exist which allows us to visualize how the city has changed over the years.

The Gibbes Museum is located at 135 Meeting Street in the Historic District. For more information about museum hours and tickets, go to

(Photo credit:  Gibbes Museum website)

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