Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club Meets with a Bunch of Clowns

“Laughter is a great form of stress release, and that’s no joke”
– The Mayo Clinic

Hospitals and illness are not generally happy things to talk about but Bob Mason, the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club speaker on June 6, gave everyone a reason to smile. As the leader of the Charleston Chapter of Bumper T. Caring Clowns, Bob and his associates visit local hospitals spreading joy and laughter, and making hard things a little less difficult.

With 50 volunteers serving all of the major Charleston hospitals, the Bumper T. Caring Clowns have spent over 5,000 hours meeting with and entertaining patients, care givers, family and friends, brightening their days and lightening their load.  The organization has no professional staff and manages on contributions and active participation from the member clowns.

Bob was recently celebrated as a “Hero of the Lowcountry” by Fox 24 news for the work he has done building the group for the benefit of the community.

Along with Bob came a retinue of his associates, fully decked out in their medical attire and ready to make everyone a bit happier.

Clowns Jun 2018

Submitted by Thad Peterson