Turtle Patrol Report – Week Ending June 24

Tuesday, June 19

We have nest #17. Birthday girl, Stephanie Lea called in a crawl south of the old pier; they also observed a large body pit. Judy Morr went to probe and found what she thought was the nest. Stephanie dug and found the egg. They covered and screened nest 17, left in-situ about 150 yards south of the old pier. This was both Ann Carew’s and Lisa Murphy’s first nest. A great morning for these walkers!

Thursday, June 21

Walkers Terry Fansler, Gloria Reynolds, Sarah Quinn and Sarah’s Friend “R.J.” called with a crawl at the second house past the club. Bill Middleton with Eileen responded and found nest 18. The 102 eggs were moved to their safer new home at the lot between the fourth and fifth house past the club. Four eggs were lost to a very aggressive ghost crab who attacked Gloria as it wasn’t happy with the nest being moved.

Saturday, June 23

We have nest #19! Karen Sewell called in to report a large serpentine crawl in front of the Beach Club Villas. There were a couple of areas of disturbed sand, too. Sandy MacCoss and Terry Fansler responded and a nest was found by Terry. Nest #19 was left in situ. Walkers today were Karen Sewell, Sarah, Betsy & Chris Quinn and friends Like & Sam Roser.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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