Senior Living Development Planned

Kiawah Senior Living communityOn July 19, 2018, the e-edition of The Post and Courier reported on the upcoming 200-unit senior living development to be built off the Seabrook Island Parkway short of the circle connecting to Freshfields Village. Tidelines learned that Seabrook Island Mayor Ron Ciancio has met with both the project developer, Big Rock Partners, and the Kiawah Resort Associates, who are acting on behalf of the owners of the property, to discuss this project.

Construction of this project is proposed on land that is privately owned and within the town limits of Kiawah Island.  Last Wednesday, Kiawah Resort Associates made a presentation on the project to the TOSI Planning Commission.

At the mayor’s request, Kiawah Resort Associates commissioned Thomas & Hutton, a consulting engineering firm, to conduct a traffic study to determine the project’s impact on the roads. The study concluded that both the anticipated peak morning and evening left turn volumes associated with the project will fall below the volume guidelines for a left-hand turn lane.  There will be a second entrance and exit to and from the project at Freshfields Village.

It is anticipated that Kiawah Resort Associates and Big Rock Partners will make a formal request for a curb cut on Seabrook Island Road at the next Planning Commission meeting. This will be an open, public meeting.

The mayor has also asked that Kiawah Partners and Big Rock Partners present a stormwater run-off study to determine the hydrologic changes that might be caused by the development.

Mayor Ciancio has requested that Big Rock Partners make a public presentation on the project at Seabrook Island Town Hall in the next two or three weeks so that residents can hear first hand what is being planned.

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Tidelines Editors

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