Town of Seabrook Island Comprehensive Plan Survey

The Town of Seabrook Island wants to hear from YOU!

 We’re currently conducting a community survey as part of our 10-year comprehensive plan update. Survey responses will be collected until August 31st. 

Click here to take the online survey.

 About the Comprehensive Plan Update

 The Town recently kicked off an update to its Comprehensive Plan, a process which is required by state law to be completed every 10 years.  A Comprehensive Plan serves as a type of “strategic plan” for the community. The plan will include a total of nine topics or “elements” including: land use, transportation, housing, natural resources, cultural resources, economic development, population, and priority investment. The plan will include an inventory of existing conditions, as well as specific goals and implementation strategies for each element. The plan will serve as an overall vision for the community and will guide future policy decisions of Town Council.

 As part of the planning process, the Town of Seabrook Island is inviting residents to participate in a community survey between August 8-31. The Town’s comprehensive plan survey is separate and distinct from other surveys you may have received, including those from the Club or SIPOA. Those surveys are used for Club and SIPOA purposes and are not a part of the Town’s efforts to review and update our Comprehensive Plan.

 The draft version of the Comprehensive Plan is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Prior to adoption, the Town will also host a community drop-in meeting and public hearing, both of which will take place in early 2019.

 The Town of Seabrook Island values your feedback, and we hope you will take the time to participate in this important process.

-Joseph M. Cronin, Town Administrator
Town of Seabrook Island, 2001 Seabrook Island Road
Seabrook Island, SC 29455
Office: (843) 768-5321
Cell: (843) 637-9832