Interested In Taking College Classes?

South Carolina, like many other states, allows senior citizens (over 60 years old) to take classes at a public university tuition-free, although there is a registration fee of $50.00. Also, you may need to purchase books and some classes have additional course fees.

College of Charleston, located in downtown Charleston, is a public university in the South Carolina Higher Education System and thus you are able to take classes there under this Senior Citizens program.

You can audit courses or take them for credit.  Most seniors take undergraduate courses, but you can take graduate ones as well.  The program also allows you to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree.  Courses are limited to space available and registration begins after the traditional students add/drop.

Some courses require a prerequisite course, but if you don’t have the prerequisite, you can sometimes meet with the professor beforehand to see if you can take the class without it.

The requirements for admission are a proof of citizenship as well as proof of SC residency and age requirement.  You can use a valid SC Driver’s License or Picture ID for residency and age verification.  The ID must be issued at least one year prior to enrollment.  If the Driver’s License doesn’t meet this time requirement, you can use a voter registration or vehicle registration document.

If you are seeking a degree or wish to take graduate classes, there are additional requirements.

To find out more about the Senior Citizen Program, whether you want to audit or take classes for credit, click here.

The deadline for applying for admission is August 27, 2018. The Admissions Office is located at 65 George Street and is offering registration assistance on August 21, 2018, from 9:00 am until noon.

The course catalog is online, click here to access it.

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