Sunday Fleming Flash – October 7

At the Friday banquet it was announced the 2017 Fleming Tournament was voted the best Tournament in South Carolina. Well done Seabrook! Additional exciting news is the 2018 Tournament and related activities raised $40,000 on behalf of the Sea Islands Blessing Basket. These funds help feed neighbors in need on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands.

Several Final matches occurred Saturday. Seabrooker, Harvey Hines, secured another win in the Men’s 55 Singles. Congratulations Harvey!

Today are the finals – the best of the best, 26 matches. Come and watch and cheer on the players.

8:30 Phillips, Sheryl – Phillips, David vs. Garrott, Thomas – Stubbs, Alice
9:00 Jackson, Stewart vs. Ream, Hank
9:00 Dozier, Tinsley vs. McSween, John
9:00 Richardson, Keith vs. Snook, Graham
9:00 Popovich, Peter vs. Moore, Casey
9:00 Shipman, Richard vs. Walton, John
9::00 Anderson, Willis vs. Healey, Joseph
9:00 OBerg, Maureen vs. Van Arnam, Lisa
9:00 Woorons, Sophie – Yarbrough, Laurie vs. Elkins, Jennifer – Shannon, Nancy
9:00 Moseley, Janet – Smith, Sally vs. Gray, Suzanne – White, Julia
9:00 Babb, Cynthia – Peiffer, Susie vs. Disco, Debbie – Smoake, Elizabeth
9:30 Silberstein, Jonathan – Waddill, Tabatha vs. Acker, Derek – Middleton, Courtenay 10:00 Gomez-Diaz, Carlos – Lumia, Margaret vs. Barker, Diane – Nichols, Scott
10:00 Crouch, Bo – Hartsock, Charlotte vs. Hall, Todd – gnann, lisa
10:00 Moore, Casey – Warden, Gail vs. Hines, Harvey – Hines, Andrea
10:30 Crouch, Bo – McKay, Frederick vs. Jarck, George – Larkin, Frank
10:30 Hill, Manson – Tillison, Robert vs. Luffman, Junior – Martin, Michael
10:30 Davie, Ralph – Groff, Ronald vs. Huff, David – Varner, John
11:00 Mitchell, Michael – Tillison, Robert vs. Hall, Todd – Larkin, Frank
11:00 Gray, Suzanne – White, Julia vs. Harrill, Melissa – Pitts, Nancy
12:00 Lacy, Anne – gnann, lisa vs. Hines, Andrea – Warden, Gail
12:00 Hunt, Ann – Weinstock, Sheila vs. Adamson, Paula – Schrenk, Anita
12:00 Thomson, Garth – Woorons, Sophie vs. Bull, William – Chapin, Marissa
12:00 Allare, Bunnie – Jackson, Stewart vs. T.B.D.
12:00 Martin, Michael – Smith, Sally vs. T.B.D.
2:00 Hill, Manson – Moezzi, Ali vs. Gildemeister, Federico – Snook, Graham

-Submitted by Patricia Leibach