A New Kind of Book Club – November 1

Would you like to hear a local author discuss her book without leaving the comfort of your own living room? Thanks to the popular lifestyle website Fab over Fifty, you can join author Mary Glickman of Seabrook Island for a Facebook Live Book Club Event at 6:30 pm on November 1, 2018.

Facebook Live Book Club is a podcast, much like a television show, but it’s watched on your computer, iPad or even your smartphone. To participate on November 1, simply go to the website Fab over Fifty and click on the Book Club tab at the top. Then scroll down to “Join the Club-Spread the Words” and enter your name and email address. Boom! You’ll be in the Glickman living room watching a lively discussion among Seabrook neighbors and Mary of her debut novel Home in The Morning. Many know Mary’s work and will recall this tender novel of family, love, and friendship during the Civil Rights Era and beyond.

“Spread the Words” is a new program for Fab over Fifty. Home in the Morning is the second live author and book club event offered. The first was Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying. Tune in on November 1 and experience the new world of e-book clubs!

–Submitted by Sue Holloman

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