SIPOA, Town, Club, Regimes and County – Who Does What?

Do you know which entity is responsible for what?  Here’s a quick list to help you sort it out.  Hope this helps!

Fire/Rescue/Sheriff – Call 911 for all emergencies.

Power – Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Inc. (843-559-2458) Power and street light outages (888-253-4232). If reporting that a street light is out, Berkeley will need the number on the light pole.

Charleston County (  or 843-958-4000)

  • Building Code Inspections (including Flood Remediation inspections/advice)
  • Voter Registration
  • Assessor and Revenue Services
  • Mosquito Control

Town of Seabrook Island ( or 843-768-9121)

  • Seabrook Island Utility Commission (water, sewer) (843-768-0102)
  • Zoning
  • Business Licenses
  • Parade/Event Permits
  • Beaches below the high water mark, and Beach Patrol

Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) ( or 843-768-0061)

  • Infrastructure and Maintenance
  • Garbage/Yard Debris /Recycling
  • Landscaping and mowing of common areas and road rights-of-way
  • Operation and maintenance of amenities:  The Lake House, Oyster Catcher Community Center and Property Owners’ Pool, Gatehouse, Beaches above the high water mark, Beach Bonfire Permits, Boardwalks, Nature Trails, Lakes, Crab Dock/Kayak Launch, Bike Paths, and Garden Plots.
  • Security:  24/7 Access Control and Patrols
  • Architectural Review Committee:  Review of plans for new construction and remodeling, and routine inspection of properties
  • Communications:  SIPOA Pages in The Seabrooker, Weekly Highlights E-blast, SIPOA Website, and Tidelines community blog

Seabrook Island Club ( or 843-768-2500)

  • Administration of operations, maintenance, repair, etc, related to:  Golf, Tennis, Equestrian, Beach Club Pools, Restaurants, Seabrook Island Real Estate Company (SIRE)
  • Communications & Marketing:  Club/SIRE Website, SIC Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Veranda monthly newsletter, and Weekly E-blast
  • Boat and RV Storage

Regimes and Associations

Seabrook Island has dozens of individual condo, villa and neighborhood regimes and associations, each with their own Covenants and Bylaws that regulate items specific to their homeowners.  Most maintain common area landscaping. Many are responsible for exterior maintenance of the buildings.  All have their own assessments specific to their regimes to support these expenses. Many have independent Rules and Regulations for activities on their property, and some have private swimming pools.  Contact your regime manager or regime Board members for more information.

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