SIPOA Board Candidate – Ellen Coughlin

Ellen Coughlin

I am running for the Seabrook Island Board for a term of one year.  Because I believe in making our beautiful beaches and other amenities accessible for the handicapped and disabled (as getting old is inevitable), as well as responsible growth and spending, transparency, and “no” not being the first reaction, rather finding creative solutions.  

Over 20 years ago, my husband’s and I, “came for the weekend,” and ended up buying a Tarpon Pond Cottage that weekend and, “stayed for a lifetime.”  Unfortunately, Bill didn’t have the time. We had planned on selling our home in New Hampshire, selling the cottage and buying a do-over permanent home on the Island. And so I did.

Here on Seabrook I was elected to the Nominating Committee; I have been a member/President of the Tarpon Pond Board; a member and Board member of COVAR; member/Board member/trip planner/trip leader and Co-ordinator of all trips for SINGH; and Commodore of the Seabrook Lakes Yacht Club. As to committees: The ARC where I served my own term as well as being an interim appointment filling out the term of another, Legal Committee, Long Range Planning as well as Safety and Security.

My experience is varied running the gauntlet from being Head of Residence in the late 60’s of the first co-ed dorm on the campus of UMass Amherst to surviving twenty plus years of teaching elementary school in New Hampshire. I was the Voter Service person for the Exeter League of Women Voters responsible for arranging debates, speakers and forums for Presidential candidates to vet the various candidates as by the citizens of the coast. I possess strong organizational skills which were beneficial in my tenure as both Chairperson as well as a member of the Selective Service Board for Rockingham County for over 20 years. I also demonstrated my abilities to settle differences of various groups working through labor negotiations during my tenure as School Administrative Unit 21 Teachers Union Representative as well as my service on the Water Commission, Hampton New Hampshire.

We have one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and many of residents came to this Island to enjoy its’ beauty and as they have aged they are no longer able to avail themselves of that beauty. We have continually invested in every aspect of this island short of beach access for those who no longer can enjoy the beaches.  It is time to think out of the box! I may not have the all the answers but that doesn’t mean we can’t work at it.

-Submitted by Ellen Coughlin


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