SIPOA 2019 Annual Meeting and Election Results

At the 2019 SIPOA Annual Meeting, outgoing Board Chairman, Julie McCollough,  stated that Seabrook Island is financially strong, prudently managed and SIPOA’s work ensures the Island remains a place of beauty. Julie mentioned some of the many accomplishments during her tenure on the Board – – the new gate house with state of the art security systems, the new visitor access system, sail shades, energy-efficient lighting, and Apple TVs at the Lake House, the renovation of the Oyster Catcher Community Center, and the agreement between the Seabrook Island Club and the SIPOA on drainage. Julie encouraged property owners to be a part of productive solutions for Seabrook Island rather than complaining and vilifying property owners and others. 

Heather Paton mentioned that SIPOA operations continued to run smoothly, even with two hurricanes, ice storms, snow, flooding, and king tides. This year we will celebrate the Lake House 10th anniversary and SIPOA’s 45th anniversary.

Warren Weber, Treasurer, reported that SIPOA’s financial condition at year-end appears to be in solid shape but we will face some large capital projects in the future – re-paving the roads, at a cost of $6M and scheduled for 2028;  the “Spit” will have to be done again in 2029 for $2M; and work will need to be done on the bridges in 2024 at a cost of $339K.

Annual Assessment:  The 2019 Annual Assessment recommendation is:

$2,190 for a House/Villa (a $120 increase over 2018)
$1,225 for an Undeveloped Lot (a $63 increase over 2018)
$ 730 for Bohicket Marina members (a $40 increase over 2018)

SIPOA Election Results:  The SIPOA Board and Nomination election results were announced. Please note that these results are unofficial, pending the official certified tally.

Elected to the Board of Directors for a 3-year term – Jaime Geiger, Michael Grabman, Ray Hoover and Thomas Pinckney

Elected to the Board of Directors for a 1-year term – Ellen Coughlin

Elected to the Nominating Committee for a 2-year term – Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Brown and Gregory Iaconis

2019 Annual Budget:  Approved

Questions and comments from property owners included issues such as increased traffic on Seabrook Island Road, consideration to allowing Fire Department personnel on Seabrook to work out at the Lake House, purchasing a property near boardwalk 1 to improve beach accessibility for those with mobility issues and increase parking, access to the ocean for canoes/kayaks, improving the welcome for visitors at the gatehouse, and bringing back the property owners online directory.

The Annual Report provides more detailed information on projects, activities and accomplishments in 2018.  Tidelines will provide a link to the report when it is available.

Tidelines Editor