GOMC Minutes for March 29, 2019

The General Operating and Maintenance Committee (GOMC) met on March 29, 2019, and the following minutes were provided:

1. The committee discussed flood and drainage control projects being initiated by the Town of Seabrook Island and by Kiawah Island entities.

2. Steve Hirsch summarized progress on the Seabrook drainage study. The initial goal is for bids to be reviewed and accepted by late April. Completion of the study will take 8 to 10 months.

3. a. Boardwalk projects (BW1A and BW8) are 70 to 80% complete.
b. Serious deterioration of some 700 feet (dunes toward recently renewed section) of Boardwalk 2 will, for safety reasons, require repair in 2020.
c. kayak launch site construction begins in April.

4. Lake House maintenance projects are on schedule. Preventative maintenance procedures are detecting potential problems with the HVAC system before a problem occurs.

5. Education and major event warnings/explanations will be studied by a subcommittee of Veronica L’Allier and Dave Whitmore. (E.g.; what about an adopt-a-storm-water-drain initiative?)

-Submitted by Warren Kimball, chair, GOMC

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