Spotlight on Rhiannon Schalaudek from SIPOA Staff

RhiannonIt is said that first impressions are lasting impressions. If so, we are very lucky to have Rhiannon Schalaudek as the receptionist at the SIPOA office on Landfall Way. Rhiannon is very likely to be the first SIPOA staff person new property owners meet upon arrival. Rhiannon came to us as a temporary employee in January 2018, was made permanent in May 2018, and has become a fixture in the office ever since. Rhiannon was recently promoted to the Finance and Human Resources Assistant position, but will continue to serve as receptionist for a while.

Rhiannon moved to the lowcountry after high school in Pennsylvania and never went back. She spent several years in retail management and time as an entrepreneur before settling down here at Seabrook Island. She lives on Johns Island with her daughter, Gabriella, and their three dogs, Zoey, Lila Bea and Pow Pow. Most of her free time is spent playing with Gabriella, swimming and biking around Trophy Lakes, and crafting and painting in their garage where they are covering the walls with murals.

Working as the receptionist, Rhiannon has become adept at pointing people in the right direction to help solve their problems, which requires an almost encyclopedic knowledge of how things work on Seabrook Island. She spends much of her day fielding questions and being the point person for property owners She does it all with a friendly and professional demeanor. We are, indeed, fortunate to have her.

-Rich Siegel, Tidelines Writer