Spotlight on Steve Hirsch from SIPOA Staff

img_0024Seabrook Island, as most of you know, is a very complicated place.  Managing miles and miles of marshland intermixed with a healthy dose of human habitation creates all sorts of “opportunities.”  Throw in some king tides and the occasional hurricane and they become serious challenges.  The credit for holding this all together belongs, in large part, to our Director of Engineering, Steve Hirsch.

Steve is a proud Clemson grad – he freely admits it’s a good time to be a Tiger – with a BS in Biosystems Engineering and an MS in Environmental Engineering making him uniquely suited to bring his expertise to Seabrook Island.  His five and a half years working for SIPOA have included important roles on both the Environmental Committee and the General Operations and Maintenance Committee.  But his most important role is that of husband to his wife, Lawton, and father two his two kids, daughter, Mackenzie, and son, Rigby.

Between working with the SIPOA Board, committee members, his maintenance staff and fellow directors, Steve still finds some time to answer questions from community members and take a little time to enjoy the beautiful island that we all might sometimes take for granted.

-Rich Siegel, Tidelines Writer


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