Berkeley Electric Building a New Johns Island Office

Have you noticed the clearing and early construction work at the corner of Main Road and Patton Avenue?

Berkeley Electric New Johns Island District Office May 2019Berkeley Electric Cooperative is building a new facility for our Johns Island district.  The district has grown dramatically in recent years—with over 21,600 meters, it is now the second largest district served by BEC. As described in BEC’s section of the May 2019 South Carolina Living magazine, there will be 18,000 square feet of space for offices, a community room, a warehouse, enclosed vehicle parking, a vehicle maintenance facility, and covered vehicle storage bays.  From the article:

“ ‘Given the history of storms and how often our Johns Island office gets cut off from the mainland, this office is almost more of a mini-headquarters than a regular district office,’ said Tim Mobley, VP of Engineering and Operations.

“Built to withstand Category 4 hurricanes, the new office is designed to operate completely independently on standby power for up to seven days.  It also will have room to feed and house large groups of employees and contractors as well as a full-service garage to keep the fleet running and in the field making restorations.”

The 34-acre site is on one of the highest points on Johns Island, allowing BEC to house all aspects of its operations while also providing space to accommodate the required retention ponds and wetland protection measures as well as a buffer zone to minimize the facility’s impact on surrounding communities.  Construction plans call for entrances from both Main Road and Patton Avenue and provide for turn lanes to minimize the facility’s impact on the flow of traffic.

The new facility is expected to open in early 2020.  To read the full article, click here.


(Image credit: South Carolina Living, May 2019)

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