Gibbes Museum of Art – Kid Friendly Summer Activities

The Gibbes Museum of Art is announcing special kid-friendly activities just in time for summer break. The museum is the perfect place for children to beat the summer heat and to be inspired by the creative process.

  • Museum guests can check out “activity backpacks” during their visit to the museum. Inside each backpack is a set of tools to engage the museums youngest visitors, a storybook inspired by art (donated by Blue Bicycle Books), a sketchpad and set of colored pencils (donated by Artist & Craftsman), a set of “Activity Cards” and a copy of our family guide.
  • Children can participate in a museum scavenger hunt that is designed to encourage close looking and deep thinking in the galleries. This hunt leads guests through the galleries to find specific artwork and types of work such as portraits, still-life etc. Children will receive a prize from visitor’s services once they complete the scavenger hunt.
  • The museum also offers a family guide which, combines sketching, writing and close looking to explore and engage with the artwork on view. It includes vocabulary words and various activities while guiding you through the museum.

Tidelines Editors

(Image credit: Gibbes Museum website)


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