Deer Update

Many Seabrook Island residents have reported seeing a deer with a trash can lid stuck around her neck.

The deer is a doe with two fawns. SIPOA brought an animal control specialist to the island on Friday to attempt to catch the deer and remove the trash can lid, but they were unsuccessful.

Today SIPOA requested assistance from SCDNR and they sent a wildlife officer to try to help the deer. The SCDNR officer observed the deer and sent photos to their biologist. The deer is walking and appears otherwise healthy. The biologist advised that the deer be left alone. SCDNR noted that the deer is able to move freely and eat, even with the impediment on her neck. The doe’s ribs are showing a little bit, but weight loss is not unusual for a doe that has had two fawns in the summer.

People have suggested that the deer be tranquilized so the lid can be removed from around her neck. SCDNR does not recommend using tranquilizers on the deer because it would pose a risk to the deer’s life, as well as to the two fawns. Deer are fragile, and tranquilizing could kill the deer and even kill the fawns if they drink milk from the tranquilized doe.

SCDNR recommends leaving the deer alone to allow her time to remove the trash can lid on her own.

-Submitted by SIPOA Administration

(Image credit:  Pixabay)

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