Spotlight on Duaine Collins

You’ve seen him all over the island. Duaine Collins (officially Orin Duaine Collins III) works for SIPOA’s Department of engineering in a whole host of capacities.

Duaine, who lives with his wife, Jill, and son Orin (officially Orin Duaine Collins IV), 2½ years old, in West Ashley, is originally from Giles County, VA. He earned his college degree in Urban Forestry from Dabney Lancaster College. He joined the staff in Seabrook Island under John Wells nine year ago, right after the Lake House opened. Duaine spends some of his time working with Gary Brown at the Lake House but much of his work is on the rest of the grounds. He works with the SIPOA landscaping contractor, The Greenery, and carries all of SIPOA’s pest control licenses. Duaine works with the summer interns, marks the utility lines, works on the island backflows and pipes, and does a lot of the painting and repairing on SIPOA property. As if that isn’t enough, he also cleans up trash on the beach.

When asked why he came to and stays on Seabrook Island, he says simply and as most of us would, “I like it here.” Perhaps that says it all. So if you see Duaine working around the island, give him a friendly wave and a shout out!

-Rich Siegel, Tidelines Staff Writer

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