Turtle Patrol Report for the Week Ending August 4

Turtle Patrol Banner Plain

The sea turtles continue to set records for the number of nests laid on Seabrook Island in a season. Nest number 89 was laid on Sunday, August 4, 2019 bringing the total for the 2019 season to 14 nests more than our previous best of 75 nests in 2015. For further perspective, our average number of nests per year over the past 10 years has been 56. Nest 89 was reported by Rachel and Marshall Carter (with daughters Nettie and Neva) and Lisa Hand. Bill and Eileen Middleton happily went to probe and after investigating the winding tracks found Nest 89.

We’ve now inventoried 45 of the 89 nests so there’s still plenty of work left to do. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a few more nests!

-Submitted by Gary Fansler