Hurricane Dorian Advisory

Hurricane Dorian is now a category 1 hurricane and is forecast to strengthen as it continues to move nearer to the coast of Florida. On August 28 the governor of Florida declared a state of emergency. While current forecasts indicate probable landfall in Florida, we have learned through experience that storms such as Dorian have a propensity for last minute changes, and accordingly residents are encouraged to review their emergency preparedness plans and to begin making preparations on the expectation that some storm impacts could occur as early as the afternoon of Monday, September 2d. Those residents whose plans contemplate early evacuation are encouraged to make arrangements for accommodations at their preferred evacuation locations.

Charleston County Emergency Management Department remains under “Normal Operations” readiness condition, is monitoring storm development and is providing periodic updates to the Town. It is not expected that the Town will change its readiness condition in advance of a change by Charleston County.

Any resident who may require assistance with evacuation or who knows a resident they believe may require assistance with evacuation should contact the Town (843 768 9121) to provide name(s), address and contact information.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

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