The CSO Orchestra on Seabrook Island

It was a lovely late summer afternoon.  Not too hot, with a cool breeze blowing across the grasses around the Lake. Seabrookers came out in numbers to hear the Charleston Symphony Orchestra at the Lake House for the beginning of the CSO’s new season.

The concert began with the Star Spangled Banner, with everyone, old and young, standing at attention and singing along with the music. This was followed by several classical pieces – – pieces that were familiar to many as they had accompanied the cartoons of our youth. Then there were several Pops pieces…but before the Pops music began, the children who were dancing on the fringes of the concert were invited to come and dance in front of the orchestra. One brave girl took to the field, but soon she was joined by other youngsters who wanted to dance. Of course the children of Seabrook Island receive a rousing cheer. The concert concluded with a medley which included America the Beautiful and an encore piece,  Stars & Stripes. The setting, the weather and the music made for a wonderful concert.

As we left, Seabrookers were all smiles and talking excitedly about how great the concert was.  Our thanks go out to Mayor Ron Ciancio for bringing the CSO to Seabrook again and to Roger and Vivian Steel for all their hard work to make it happen.

Tidelines Editors

(Image credits:  Pictures are courtesy of Patrick Connelly, Mary Fleck, Elise Haderer, Veronica L’Allier and Roger Steel)



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