SINHG Visits the H.L. Hunley Submarine

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SINHG’ers traveled recently to the old Charleston Navy Yard and the Warren E. Lasch Conservation Center to view the restoration efforts underway on the H.L. Hunley, the Confederate submarine raised from Charleston Harbor some fifteen years ago.

SINHG Hunley Oct 2019

We were privileged to view the submarine in its submersion tank just after restoration crews had finished work temporarily and the tank was being refilled, giving us a rare view into the interior of this historic vessel – the first submarine to sink a battleship, the USS Housatonic, during the Union blockade of Charleston Harbor. Mysteries still surround the submarine and its fatal encounter with the Housatonic, slowly being revealed during restoration work which will likely continue for another half decade.

– Submitted by Norm Powers, for SINHG

(Image credit: Norm Powers)