SINHG Goes Maritime

Two SINHG Trips this month took a deep dive (literally, in one case) into Charleston’s maritime heritage with visits to the South Carolina Aquarium and to the Wando Welch Container Terminal, the nation’s 9th largest shipping container terminal. A guided tour brought SINHG’ers up close to those giant cranes that service up to 4,000 trucks a day unloading and loading containers from and to gigantic ocean-going container ships.

A visit to the Aquarium brought a rare visit to the very top of the Aquarium’s justly famous Great Ocean Tank, thanks to volunteer diver and Kiawah resident Scott Nelson. Scott led SINHG’ers up through the Aquarium’s four levels to the normally off-limits open top of the 42-foot deep tank, with stops along the way at the Sea Turtle Hospital and the “kitchen,” where daily food rations for the Aquarium’s animals are prepared. SINHG’ers even got to pose with Scott during his daily dive in the Great Ocean Tank as part of the Aquarium’s twice-daily educational shows.SINHG at the Aquarium

-Submitted by Norm Powers for SINHG