Charleston International Airport

Charleston Internation Airport is undergoing a large construction project as they address the issue of parking at the airport. Unfortunately, until the five-story parking garage is completed, parking will be even more of a problem.

They are anticipating that the holidays will bring additional passengers that will need to park their cars. To address this, they have opened outlying lots and are providing additional free shuttles to the terminal and back to your car.

To see an article that appeared in The Post and Courier that contains maps and additional information, click here.

We strongly suggest getting to the airport early whether you are leaving your car or picking up people. The roads around the airport have been reconfigured to accommodate the construction as well as the holiday traffic. This means that there will be congestion as people park their cars, pick up passengers and drop them off.

Another suggestion is that if you park, you take a picture of the section number so you will be able to find your car when you return.

Safe travels!

Tidelines Editors