SIPOA COVID-19 Update 7 – March 22


In many of the messages the Board and staff have been receiving, many Property Owners refer to the fact that Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, and Edisto Island are restricting access to their towns and beaches.

Please keep in mind that these towns are always open to the public.

It is now, during this emergency, that the towns are trying to constrain access and get to a level of restriction that Seabrook Island practices on a 24/7 basis. We have always had this level of restriction in place and will always continue to do so. There is no Seabrook Island open-gate policy that allows unrestricted access to the island and its beach. The SIPOA Covenants require allowing every owner, whether residents or non-residents access to their property.

Just to note, there are two “very high percentage moves” anyone can take to avoid coming in contact with the virus: SHELTER IN PLACE, AND WHEREVER YOU ARE, MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE! These are the steps anyone can practice without having to know where anyone else has been, who they might have been in contact with, what they might have touched, or how often they have been washing their hands – even your immediate family members. This is knowledge that will in no way be increased by restricting the island to an even greater degree.

-Submitted by SIPOA, or 843-768-0061